And another thing (and 9 more)


Dear Readers:

I know, I know I said I wouldn’t write anything more on the journey. But I’ve had some separation time now and wanted to throw out a few things that have worked their way to the surface. And then, I promise, that’s it.

  1. I met a wonderful group of friends from Australia and I hope to visit them soon. I’m not sure they represent the best that Australia has to offer, but they were plenty good enough for me and wildly entertaining. And here are a couple other things I learned about my new friends…
    • They can build a kangaroo out of snow. The damn thing looked like it could hop. Alas, no picture.
    • I can’t drink more than they can.
    • Some of them get seasick.
    • Some of them don’t. The ones that don’t seem to be able to drink a lot.
    • They have many interesting names for Americans.
  2. I had to listen every bit as hard to my Australian friends as I did for my Spanish-speaking friends. I need to get the Australians to the US so I can give them all a good English lesson. Seriously, they make up more words than I do…I think…it was hard to understand.
  3. When penguins poop they lean forward and shoot a stream of, well poo, backwards. It flies out really fast. You don’t get that kind of in depth reporting on Animal Planet. Ya, take that National Geographic.  I didn’t hear Morgan Freeman talking about that on March of the Penguins either.
  4. Not everybody is cute in Antarctica. (Well, he’s kinda cute.) His name is Snorty. I think that’s his scientific name. That’s what I call him.


    Don’t bug me

  5. Zodiac boats have seven (i don’t know maybe it’s 8) separate inflatable chambers. That’s good because if they only had 1 chamber, about 8 of us would have gotten very wet. Thank you Jaques Cousteau. (I just went to post a video of one of my Zodiac rides in this section, but came to find out that I have to upgrade my blog in order to do so and they charge another $60 per year. Given that it could be the lamest video that would ever be posted on the internet, I chose not to spend the money. Of course, if there is a ground swell of support for the video, I’ll do it. For me, a ground swell is one person that spells zodiac correctly.)
  6. March of the Penguins could be the most boring animal movie ever made. Damn though, they do walk a loooong way. Even the little penguins hump it up hills and carry their little rocks all over the place. Before you start feeling all sorts of sorry for them, as my Australian friend correctly pointed out…”Don’t go getting all teary eyed mate. It’s their bloody job.” Then we had a drink.


    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hmm Hmm Hm Hm Hmm Hmmmm

  7. Seasickness medicine makes you feel really tired. And it lasts for a long time after you get off the ship. I just woke up. It has other effects too. Consult your doctor. (Or send me a note and I’ll give you the low down. OK here’s a hint…you remember how I told you about how Penguins poop? Well, you won’t do that.)
  8. When our little group got together in Patagonia, the 7 of us met in the gathering tent on the first night. Carolyne and Joan sat down and looked across the tent at one another. In the small world phenomenon, it turns out that Joan was Carolyne’s first boss. And they hadn’t been in contact and did not know that the other one was going to be in Patagonia. That’s crazy talk.
  9. Joan is 71. She did every hike the rest of us did, including the last one to the Towers, which was a total of 14 miles. She killed it. (You can’t have enough pictures of the Towers.)DSC_0062
  10. If penguins could talk, many of their conversations would go like this…”Do you think we should go in? I’m not going first, you go first. I went first last time, it’s your turn. I’m not that hungry. You go first. I’m not going first.” And floating around just off shore is Mr. Leopard Seal and you know he’s sitting there thinking…”would one of you please go first already.”DSC_0599

    Dum de dum dum dum – I’m waiting…

    OK, I promise this is the end of all things penguin. Thanks for slugging through it. Back to the 802.

Observationally Yours

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