¿Dónde están las papas fritas?

DSC_0020¿Dónde están las papas fritas?

Oh, son juntos con los huevos.

How cool is Costa Rica? For breakfast they serve french fries, and within a quarter mile of my hotel, there’s a Denny’s and a Casino. (Some would say Denny’s is a casino of sorts.) Apparently the path to the sloths and monkeys and the beautiful mountains passes through an array of vices that I’ve said hello to once or twice. I’m ok with that but will be totally bummed if I find one person in Patagonia that even knows what a Grand Slam breakfast is.

Unfortunately I had precious little time in Costa Rica, but was amazingly glad to have had the time with one of my two favorite tour guides, translators, and kids. San Jose has a wonderful feel to it and while the time was short, I had the good fortune to visit the downtown area and some of the parks that pepper the city.


Now this is a bass guitar

As I have become accustomed to a daily dose of street performances, I was very happy to be able to get my fix in the downtown area.  These guys were tearing up the square, and not only did they sound good, the bass player was killing it with what appeared to be a dugout canoe with strings hooked on.  Amazing.

 A bit further up the road we came across these guys. I have not tried either feat, but I can guess it’s not nearly as easy as they made it look.


Ya, he’s juggling 5 of those things.


Seriously, how hard can this be?

For those at home keeping score…

Days on the road… 3
Countries visited… 4 (not counting Newark)
Air miles… 5952
Miles on a bus… 10
Miles on my feet… 4
Miles on a boat… 0
Parasites I’ve ingested… 0 (I think)
Parasites that have affected me… 0 (I know)
Languages I’ve butchered… 1
Countries I’ve been asked to leave…  0
Curses I’ve said under my breath because they couldn’t open the airplane door in Panama for nearly an hour to let us off…  43

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