GLNB Update: one happy hiker

Dear Readers:

As is sometimes the case, when you do something you love, you tend to discover hidden talents. Over this eventful and hectic past week, I fielded many kind notes and phone calls relating to the recent GLNB post, and I was surprised and flattered with the outpouring of support for the custom art I included. Who knew it would strike such a chord?

I confess this was the first time I felt comfortable sharing my art work online. To be sure, It was a risk. But the support was more than I could have anticipated, and the fans of my art, (if I may call you fans), have given me the confidence to continue my pursuit of not just the art of writing, but the art of complex stick figure drawing as well. You can count on me to pursue this with vigor, and to continuing to push myself and the art world towards greater acceptance of this iconic art form, which I believe will inspire, excite, and soothe all those that look upon it.
Again, thank you for the unbridled support, and here’s a little something for your patience.

Lisa 3

When I last checked with Poor little Lisa, she was at home recovering from her traumatic experience and as anticipated the World Wide Web was abuzz with the story that was reportedly almost picked up by many of the major news organizations. Alas, apparently the news pundits were more interested in counting the number of times the new site crashed as opposed to covering this incredible human interest story. Nevertheless, the readers of this blog took up the campaign to get Lisa new boots and I am pleased to report that we have reached an agreement with Tecnica to undo the damage that has been done.
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Technica and specifically their magnificent customer service center manager, Will Meyer, for the acting so quickly and so positively. Will immediately turned the battleship Tecnica toward a solution, and Tecnica has agreed to ship out a new pair of boots to Lisa. While other companies may have attempted to hide or hope that the storm would pass, Tecnica chose to address the issue in a positive way and with complete concern and care for the would-be mountaineer. Not all companies would do this, and Tecnica should be recognized for their efforts in solving the problem. Tecnica has agreed to provide her with a new pair of boots.

Will MeyerWill,thanks very much for the assistance and support in working through this problem, and I think your company deserves a ton of credit for standing behind your products.

So dear readers, I’m hereby suspending the GLNB campaign and each and everyone of you should know that you had an incredibly positive impact on the outcome. On behalf of Lisa I want to thank you for your resolute support. Your efforts and compassion will not be forgotten.

observationally yours

3 thoughts on “GLNB Update: one happy hiker

  1. Amazing story; I hope the fact that duct tape is an essential part of life is not lost or under appreciated …rave on Matt rave on!

  2. I am currently trying to get tecnica to deal with the same hiking boot delamination experience, but of yet have had no success. Several calls into mr meyer have gone unreturned

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