Dear Tecnica Group:

Boots front

I know it is sometimes difficult for a big company to deal with the onslaught of customer concerns and issues, yet my hope is that you will find this story I am about to share, so heart wrenching that you will take time from your daily routine and find a way to make this awful situation better.

I am writing to you as a concerned hiker and mountaineer, and on behalf of my friend, who currently is still so traumatized from her experience with one of your products, that she cannot bring herself to a keyboard. When I last saw her, she was babbling incoherently at the base of the mountain, pleading for me to leave her there so the bears could eat her feet, thereby eliminating the pain. Alas, I must report a total failure of your Tecnica Trekking Boot.  These are the boots in question.

This the story…

This is my friend Lisa (before we started to hike).  

Lisa 1

Lisa is a wonderful gal. She’s funny, intelligent, caring, and a great friend. But, she’s not much of an outdoors person, and a bit tepid when it comes to adventure.

With all my powers of persuasion I was able to talk her into a day hike up in the Green Mountains. So with her backpack (I’m pretty sure it was vinyl), hiking jeans, no water (I brought that), panic in her mind, and Tecnica Trekking Boots on her feet (which she bragged about being the best), we set out to hike the Camel’s Hump, the third highest peak in the range at 4,083’.

I chose the route which would take us to the summit via the Long Trail, which you should know, is no easy ascent for the would be mountaineer. Lisa attacked it like a trooper and was doing great until the sole on her left boot started flopping, morphing into a Tecnica Tap Boot, 2/3 of the way to the summit.

Usually well prepared, this time the only tape I had was Johnson & Johnson athletic tape (ya J & J, stand by for your blog post too), and so I did the best I could to affix the sole to the boot. It kind of held. Well, no it didn’t really hold at all.

Lisa persevered, and we made it to the summit of the Hump. (This is what it looks like.)  DSC_0186All we had to do, was complete the loop and make our way down via a pretty moderate trail.

I’m not sure poor Lisa made it 50 feet before THE OTHER sole blew out. Seriously, two soles blowing out on one hike? And we still had 3.5 miles to go to get back to the car.

Fortunately, a short distance down the trail we met a Good Samaritan hiker with a nice role of duct tape and he was kind enough to give it to us. I did my best to fashion a structure for each boot that would allow Lisa to make it down the mountain. Well the duct tape did it’s job for a while, but you must have guessed by now that it would not hold all the way down. It did not.

Poor little Lisa was left to trudge down the mountain, tired, wet, and soleless.

Lisa 2

About half way down she began speaking in tongues. Not long after that she was begging to be left there so “the bears can eat my bloody nubs.” (I’m pretty sure she was referring to her toes. I cannot verify that they were bloody or nubs, but it sounded kind of miserable.) I did my best to keep her spirits up, lying to her about 15 times that the car was “right around this next corner.” Fortunately in her delirium, she never caught on.

So the story ends partially OK. Lisa and I did make it to the car, and the next day, she was able to walk and she had stopped speaking in tongues.

But my friends at Tecnica, we still have this little problem with these boots.

Your tag line is Designed to Perform. And while I guess you could say these boots started the hike a bit tired, my hope is that you will stand behind them and do the right thing and Give Lisa New Boots (GLNB).  The Boots - Back

I understand that you may be hesitant to do this. Maybe there’s no precedent for taking care of a loyal customer like this. Should you hesitate, and think that you can let this one slide by under the radar, I should warn you that you do so at your peril.

I’m hereby starting the official GLNB campaign, and you know how these things can blow up. There’s a pretty good chance that this will go viral, as I now have a cadre of followers of this blog (can you say double digits?) that when spurred into action for such a worthy cause, there’s no telling what might happen…

  • Web site crashes
  • YouTube videos supporting GLNB
  • Ceremonial disposal of Tecnica Products.

Look, I can’t control the masses, so save yourself, and save your company. And most importantly, equip Lisa with new gear, so she can get back out on the mountain without fear that every step could be her last one and so she never has to worry about bears munching on her tired, wet nubulettes (I made that word up).

observationally yours,

PS Dear Readers – Please comment on this post with a “GLNB”. Let’s send this message loud and clear.  Come on…all 10 of you!

UPDATE 10/22/13: I have emailed Tecnica directly seeking a response (and new boots). More to follow…

UPDATE 10/23/13: I received an email from Tecnica Customer Service asking for more information and apologizing for the product failure. I provided the additional info about Lisa’s Boots. 

7 thoughts on “GLNB

  1. Come on Tecnica!!!! Don’t make me talk trash to Asolo about you.
    Hey, wait a minute, what kind of soles are on there? Do we need to kick Vibrams butt too?!
    Come on already and man up. Don’t be a big girls blouse!!!!

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