Bad weather awe

Dear Readers:

Meet Sylvain.  He is in the process of readying himself for a wild afternoon, at least by my standards.  Sylvain  is a kite surfer and that in itself is fascinating and

DSC_0041awe inspiring.  I guess I can watch some surfing, or water skiing on occasion, but I can watch kite surfing for a good long time.  For those that have never seen it, as the name implies it merges a big kite with a little board in the midst of a lot of wind and water.  The combination of those elements in the right hands, creates an array of speed and aerial coolness that is hard to get anywhere else.

When I stumbled across Sylvain, he was busy setting up for his time on the big lake, and he was kind enough to give me the OK to take some pictures.  He did not disappoint me, and I hope you will take the time check out the following link which has a number of pictures of Sylvain in action.  It was very impressive and at times stunning, when he would catch some air.

Kite Surfing VT

Kite Surfing

It’s hard to see here, but there’s a bird flying right below Sylvain

A half a mile down the bike path, an elderly father sat in a wheelchair and his son sat next to him on a bench.  The wind was howling and it had started to spit rain.  The son helped his Dad stand up and they looked out across the big lake at the green kite that whizzed along in the distance.  The son pointed towards Sylvain, making sure his Dad saw him.

I hope he saw him.

Thanks Sylvain.

(UPDATE: I got a couple requests for some of the higher resolution pictures so I posted a few more below.  Clicking on any picture will allow you to zoom in.)

DSC_0055 DSC_0067 DSC_0070 DSC_0071 DSC_0080 DSC_0096

observationally yours

2 thoughts on “Bad weather awe

  1. Thank you for your awesome picture and writing, still take picture in the rain was really impressive too. I was sorry to do not spend more time to speak with you, but the wind can down quickly a rainy day like this. That what happen after my visit to the cliff of Juniper Island… The come back was really more long and lees fun but it was… I hope see you again with better wind.

  2. Sylvain: That was all my pleasure and the best time I’ve had in the rain in a long time. I’ll look for you again when the winds are good. Thanks again for the show!

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